Wednesday, February 8, 2012


well, here i am again.  i know all i seem to post is a "rant" or line of strange thinking but my mind is racing once again and i have to get this out.  i'm sure i will be blasted if the wrong people see this but it's just my OPINION and i feel the need to voice it . . . so here goes . . .


wow.  such a small, four letter word with sooooo much power and meaning.  and i'm not talking "fears" we have in general such as a fear of snakes (i LOVE 'em), fear of spiders (those things are cool too - yeah i know, i'm warped) or even fears that i have such as fear of deep water, extreme fear of flying, HUGE fear of lightning, fears of dogs, bridges . . . ok, ok you get the point.  (I AM A HUGE WUSS, YES)  but i mean fear of LIVING.  you know, the one a LOT of people are stricken with that causes them to become fanatical about foods or the air we breathe or vacinations and such . . .the ones who are NOT happy if they don't have a CAUSE to rally behind or scream about or protest about.  the ones who SAY one thing and do another.  the ones who, if everything at the moment is status quo will go LOOKING for a new "cause" (if not make one up) and champion that one to death. they say that we're gonna die if we eat that steak or use that cell phone or drive a BIG TRUCK or wear certain clothes and shoes.  those ones.  i have a good friend on FB that is Vegan and liberal - i like her a LOT.  she is tremendously smart and funny  and a lot of what she posts is very eye opening.  and everything she says comes from a good place - she means no harm and is NOT one the nuts i'm talking about.  but a lot of the links she posts tend to lead to the very thing i'm referring to . . . militant fanatics.  you know, the ones who claim they're ALL for independent thought but then steamroll you if your independent thought varies in ANY, WAY, SHAPE or FORM from theirs. 

i mean take the food thing for example.  yes, i am aware that there are GLARING "trouble spots" in the mass production of foods these days - you can find TONS of videos showing the worst side of a badly run slaughter house or dairy, you can find links for days on how famers are poisoning us by the thousands (if not millions) with their use of certain chemicals or pesticides and such . . .

look.  i know i'm not gonna live forever.  yeah, i'm aware that SOME of the stuff in the foods i buy in the local supermarket are NOT good for me - hamburger helper anyone?  but eating crazy ONCE IN A WHILE is NOT going to kill me tomorrow.  i don't think . . . maybe i'm wrong but . . .

but you come across people who are so AFRAID of eating ANYTHING, esp. if it's a high production food that they become insanely militant about how we're going to die if we don't stop and NEVER let whatever it is pass our lips again.  and THEN they give you ALL these vialble alternatives to the food the want you to stop eating, NEVER REALIZING THAT THE MAJORITY OF WHAT THEY'RE SUGGESTING YOU EAT OR DRINK IS JUST AS SYNTHETIC AND HARMFUL AS THE VERY "ENHANCED" FOODS THEY DEMAND YOU AVOID!!!!!  i'm sorry, take milk/calcium for instance.  ok.  for someone who's lactose intolerant (WHICH IF YOU ASK ME IS THE DIRECT RESULT OF FORMULA BEING INTRODUCED AS A BETTER WAY TO FEED AN INFANT THAN REAL MILK - WE SCREWED OURSELVES ON THAT ONE) a calcium supplement may be neccessary to get the needed vitamin in their daily intake.  OR by eating calcium rich foods.  but i say NATURALLY calcium rich NOT those with calcium additives INJECTED - doesn't that describe exactly what i'm talking about????  I can't have real, whole milk with it's homogenization/pasteurazation process but YOU can force me to think that i MUST take this little man made pill that's been lab created or eat this veggie or tofu or whatever that has had an ADDITIVE FORCED INTO IT TO MAKE IT GOOD FOR ME????

or meats.  i'm not supposed to have a steak for sooooooo many reasons.  the meats got too much fat, it's been "enhanced" somehow with whatever, the cows farting is causing global warming (which means we ALL stop eating beef, cull the herds, keep the herds at a HUGE minimum without letting them go extinct and PLAY with the fuckers as pets), the list goes on.  BUT you explain to me how that tender, juciy, wonderfully seasoned, grilled to perfection rib eye is MORE harmful than the MAN-MADE, LAB CREATED, INJECTED OUT THE WAZOO, TOFU/SOY/VEGGIE SUBSTITUTE YOU SAY I MUST EAT OR DIE!!!!!  yes, legumes have proteins similar to those in meat - but not fully the same.  and i don't care what anyone says - yes, there ARE things in beef that we NEED in our bodies to keep them functioning normally.  BUT we can do this in moderation.  i mean, eating ONLY beef as a habit WILL harm you to a certain degree.  and eating TONS of it will too.  but damn.  it's perfectly ok to have a steak now and then, or a hamburger, or roast - have it.  then have chicken the next night.  pork the next.  maybe a veggie only meal the next.  there are ways to keep yourself healthy and still have the foods you want WITHOUT denying yourself anything. 

and sugar.  oh my Lord.  i don't mean the kind i'd LOVE to slather ALL OVER A BRITISH ACTOR NAMED TOM HARDY (give me five minutes alone with that dude - yeah, a restraining order would follow but it would soooo be worth it) but the kind of sugar that goes in my iced tea.  (and being southern i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT SWEET TEA)  you know, the one that comes in bags or boxes and is refined from that wonderful plant called sugarcane.  if you say the words "real sugar" or use real sugar in front of the WRONG person, you may as well dig your own grave.  OMG.  once again, somebody explain to me how ALL those artificial sweetners out there that are LAB CREATED and ridiculously sooooo many times "sweeter" than the real thing are good for me!!!  huh?  anyone?  it's been proven that those things are just as harmful if not worse to a degree.  yeah, if you INHALE sugary foods and drinks all day, every day you are BOUND to do some harm to your body.  guess what?  SEX CAN DO THE SAME THING.  harm you that is.  (not in the same way of course.  don't think sex has been linked to diabetes yet but give it time . . . )  anything in excess can harm you somehow.  once again, the trick is MODERATION.  and common sense.  which apparently some of us have left behind in favor of "OMG, this will kill me" when we read ONE DAMNED REPORT OR ARTICLE SOME WANNABE GENIUS PUBLISHES AS THEIR "FACT" (in quotation marks for a reason there).  and all it accomplishes is the "herd mentality" to RUSH to agree and say "OMG WE'RE GONNA DIE!"  i just laugh.

or the cell phone thingy causing cancer.  just how many of those would give up their phones if that were really true?  could you live without yours? don't throw that question back at me.  I DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE.  haven't had one in a few years now.  (priorties and lack of employment can make you give up a LOT of things) so yeah, i can live without one.  BUT i don't believe they cause cancer.  and ONCE AGAIN, it's the moderate use of one - in other words quit sending 1000 texts in one day - that can't be good on your thumbs or hands.  BTW, whatever happened to WRITING???  you know, like letters?  the ones you stuff into a thing called an envelope and put in a box with a stamp and wait a few days for the person to get it?  i used to love writing letters.  yeah, i'm as addicted to Facebook as the next clown but i miss the old way sometimes.

i could go on and on with this but i think you get my drift by now.  we can "dig up" skeletons on ANY faction of life - food production, clothing, phones, etc.  we can label ANYTHING harmful and know there is a grain of truth inside it but people, please.  breathe the caustic air a moment, have a glass of RED kool-aid (made with real sugar of course), let your kid ride a bike sans helmet or run with a stick, use that cell phone to call an old friend and just say hi, make as much noise as possible in your F-150 with the chrome dual exhaust, savor that bite of that greasy burger loaded with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese and bacon, and for pete's sake, LIVE.  LIVE without those fears and enjoy this moment because NO MATTER HOW YOU AVOID ALL THOSE THINGS THAT "COULD" KILL YOU, like milk, beef, sugar, cell phones, tomorrow isn't promised and i wanna have fun today.

one more pissy little closing thought - ever notice how ALL those folks who are sooooo hell bent to have us live on supplements and avoid the real things are pound for pound MORE unhealthy than those of us who choose to eat "normal"?  OR that they're the ones keep PFIZER and other drug companies alive and thriving b/c of ALL the little magic pills they have to have in order to just function on a daily basis BECAUSE they're NOT getting what they could from ALL those wonderful, natural foods out there, veggies AND meats?

just a thought . . .