Saturday, February 7, 2015


who are we
why are we
where are we
what are we and why do we need to be anything
where do we fit
why do we want to fit
differences, similarities, shared ideals and opposite ideals
feelings, emotions, notions and potions
things we tell ourselves to get through, get by, get laid, get what we want
big, little, tall, small
gay, straight, fat, skinny
ugly, beautiful, intelligent or not
disabled, diseased, disfigured, disconnected, discontent
tattooed, pierced, showy, dowdy, frumpy, flashy, trashy
God fearing, God disbelieving
sexual, asexual, oversexed
falling into places, norms, classes, monetary,cultural and racial classifications
and begging to be let out, to get out, to run and be free
looking, searching, reaching, stretching
finding and binding ourselves to perceived and expected boundaries
loving, hating
understanding, refusal to see or believe
categories beyond numbers
all of us trying to be as many as we can
wanting to be none of them
saying one thing, doing another, doing ONE another
questions, questions, questions
answers by the millions, billions
and none of them what we want or expect
whos, whats, whens, wheres, whys, hows
trying please everyone and everything and pleasing nothing and no one
bombarded by "you must", "you will", "you have to"
fall in, fall down, fall behind
confusion, delusion, contradiction, hypocrisy
everything building and heaping and leaping, spinning and turning, growing bigger, bigger, bigger in our minds and hearts to the point of explosive overflowing ....